Meyer Burger Engery Shield Solarfassade


The flat roof system of the next generation

New concept with which to optimise yield, maintenance costs and structural strength

  • Specially designed for Swiss flat roofs
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Laid directly on the roof substrate
  • No roof penetration / no screws
  • No substrate movement during the installation

  • Aesthetic design with low system weight of 14 kg/m2
  • Ballasting in the corner areas
  • High resistance to wind thanks to aerodynamic design

  • More than 45% higher annual yield compared to conventional flat roof systems
  • Long-lived, rugged and self-cleaning
  • Suitable for Meyer Burger frameless photovoltaic and hybrid modules

Innovative Swiss quality product

The lightweight structure is placed directly on the existing roof substrate without making holes in the roof membrane! The flat roof system is quick and easy to install and extendable at will. It stands out for its low static load and fits on almost any flat roof.

In addition to its great functionality, the system is aesthetically superior and suitable for the highest wind loads thanks to the aerodynamic design.

The PeakDesign flat roof system is the optimum solution for flat roofs with limited effective areas and roof load. It generates over 45% more energy from the same usable area than conventional flat roof systems.

With an inclination angle of 10°, the PeakDesign enables optimum energy yield with a low uniformly distributed load. With their low angle of inclination, the frameless solar modules ensure excellent self-cleaning over the entire operating life of the system.

Low installation costs and an optimum system configuration set new benchmarks in terms of electricity generation costs.